New 2018 SALON AQUAFLOW HOT WATER SYSTEMS have already been used for over a month now and many customers are singing it’s praises, especially the excellent new features and the complete absence of pressure & temperature fluctuations.

The NEW SMART “C” ENERGY RATING is giving even more savings on the running costs of the AQUAFLOW POWER MASTER and with the controllable SMART THERMOSTATS which read your busy times over a 45 day period, you really have got the best available system for SALON use.

ANTI LEGIONELLA & DRY HEAT PROTECTION have also been added to make this the safest system on the market ever!

Extra savings & tweeks on the NEW 2018 AQUAFLOW POWER MASTERS equate to a higher % of savings over any similar systems, also lowering your CARBON FOOTPRINT

SALON AQUAFLOW are working all the time to improve our complete SALON HOT WATER SYSTEM to help run all SALONS with UNLIMITED CHEAP ECONOMICAL HOT WATER with no pressure and temperature fluctuation which has always been one of the main problems with the supply of BASIN HOT WATER.