Recomended installers – the hotwaterman

The Hotwaterman is one of our most trusted installers – with over 30 years experience solving problems with Water Pressure and Flow.

Their Engineers are experienced in every type of instalation, from single units to multi installations in colleges and domestic situations.

They can offer a full installation service, as well as maintenance and fault finding and solving

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ItemDescriptionArea £Post Code’s
HWNAQ001Salon Aquaflow Annual Service1£140.00TF-ST-SK-CW-
 c/w Inspection ReportCH-WA-WN-M-BB
HWNAQ002Salon Aquaflow Annual Service2£160.00LA-BD-HX-LS- HD-
 c/w Inspection ReportWF-S-DE-WS-WV-
HWNAQ003Salon Aquaflow Annual Service3£180.00LL-SY-WR-CV-LE-
 c/w Inspection ReportNG-HG-DN-YO
HWNAQ004Salon Aquaflow Call Out First Hour1£100.00TF-ST-SK-CW-
HWNAQ005Salon Aquaflow Call Out First Hour2£120.00LA-BD-HX-LS- HD-
HWNAQ006Salon Aquaflow Call Out First Hour3£140.00LL-SY-WR-CV-LE-
HWNAQ007Salon Aquaflow  Call Out extra ½ hour1-2-3£30.00 
HWNAQ008Salon Aquaflow Installation of New Unit POA 

Areas Covered