Regis Choose SALON AQUAFLOW for Asda Salons

The SALON AQUAFLOW POWERMASTER has been long preferred by the UK’s largest Salon Chain – Regis, based in Coventry UK.

All new outlets including ones within Asda are to be fitted with the all new 2016 AQUAFLOWS, tried and tested for many years within the busy group shows the POWERMASTER is up to the task of providing hot water to the top SALONS including Sassoons within the group*.

With running so many SALONS throughout the UK, installing the AQUAFLOW POWERMASTERS give peace of mind knowing that the staff don’t need to touch anything to obtain unlimited hot water for their clients, just turn on the tap and the SALON BOILER will do the rest.

Best selling SALON HOT WATER SYSTEM in the UK for over 20 years

* Sold & Supplied by Salon Supplies of Crewe — one of our UK Distributors