New 2018 SALON AQUAFLOW HOT WATER SYSTEMS have already been used for over a month now and many customers are singing it’s praises, especially the excellent new features and the complete absence of pressure & temperature fluctuations.

The NEW SMART “C” ENERGY RATING is giving even more savings on the running costs of the AQUAFLOW POWER MASTER and with the controllable SMART THERMOSTATS which read your busy times over a 45 day period, you really have got the best available system for SALON use.

ANTI LEGIONELLA & DRY HEAT PROTECTION have also been added to make this the safest system on the market ever!

Extra savings & tweeks on the NEW 2018 AQUAFLOW POWER MASTERS equate to a higher % of savings over any similar systems, also lowering your CARBON FOOTPRINT

SALON AQUAFLOW are working all the time to improve our complete SALON HOT WATER SYSTEM to help run all SALONS with UNLIMITED CHEAP ECONOMICAL HOT WATER with no pressure and temperature fluctuation which has always been one of the main problems with the supply of BASIN HOT WATER.

AQUAFLOW – Now agents overseas!!

AQUAFLOW UK have now opened up in the following countries –

UAE – Dubai
Egypt – Cairo
& soon agents in Spain & Croatia – May 2018

Word is spreading fast and we have been approached by various EEC agents but for contractual reasons within those Countries cannot supply.

Happy New Year to our SALON AQUAFLOW customers

2018 brings updated SALON AQUAFLOW HOT WATER SYSTEMS with many new features to make your hot water delivery more cost effective and with a new lower energy rating (‘C’) it will cut your CO2 emissions down, in turn lowering your SALON carbon footprint.

Our updates on the POWERMASTER models will help make business’s save money on the running of the most important heart of any SALON — the HOT WATER SYSTEM, many HAIRDRESSERS suffer with bad water problems, which can be easily rectified by spending well less than £1000 on a AQUAFLOW SYSTEM.

Totally dedicated to SALON use only these systems prevent all pressure & temperature fluctuations, giving excellent ease of use at the basin.

All price are held now till at least 2019

Large salon hot water system

New 2018 Aquaflow Models Now Launched

New advanced features have been added to the new Aquaflow range, these include, a new ‘C’ energy rating and also smart thermostats which read busy times and adjust flow automatically.
Dry heat protection & Anti legionella functions have also been added, making the SALON AQUAFLOW HOT WATER SYSTEMS the most advanced in Europe.
Deliveries have already started for the New Year

Gabriel Ruane – Carlisle fit Aquaflow

Carlisle is showing the rest of the UK the way to go with the new Gabriel Ruane Hair Salon opening on Lowther St, Colin Murray has transformed his large premises into one of the best SALON around

Colin has chosen the AQUAFLOW 250 to supply all his SALON HOT WATER,

Hoping to be ultra busy with colouring he will enjoy unlimited hot water to keep his clients relaxed and happy.
Opening shortly Carlisle will benefit from another great Salon in the area.

3 Aqflo

Approvals and Quality Control

SALON AQUAFLOW POWERMASTER has numerous advantages when it comes to accreditations, these include ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO14000 for Enviroment, OHSAS for Health & Safety, ISO 3834-2 for Welding. plus many more awards for manufacture.
We pride ourselves with the knowledge that all our products are backed up with the highest credentials, and also a full guarantee inc 25 years for the stainless steel tanks. This is another reason to buy the AQUAFLOW POWERMASTER HOT WATER SYSTEM for your SALON.


SAK’s Go for Aquaflow Powermaster

Well known Salon group SAK’s have chosen the SALON AQUAFLOW POWERMASTER for their salons, they required a state of the art system which would cope with the heavy demands of their busiest top SALONS in the UK.

After 12 months trial in one of the Directors Salons they are specking all the new franchises with the 2016 AQUAFLOW POWERMASTER range of electric AQUAFLOW SALON HOT WATER SYSTEMS, which will provide a supply of UNLIMITED HOT WATER, now they understand the saying “SALON HOT WATER MADE SIMPLE.

Small changes and improvements every year he kept this system well ahead of any competitors, as the AQUAFLOW is manufactured in Norway and who better to build HOT WATER SYSTEMS than the Scandinavians, giving more than an edge with many design awards throughout Europe and beyond.

2016 models have been updated withstate of the art 4th generation ECO FOAM which guarantee’s max insulation with minimal heat loss, and also new are the Vo fireproof electrical boxes & components.

SAK’s really were thinking ahead when they chose the SALON AQUAFLOW HOT WATER SYSTEMS FOR THEIR EMPIRE !!!

Sold & Supplied by Salon Aquaflow UK 07860 713971

Trafford Centre Choose Aquaflow Powermaster

After a high % of their busy Salons running on SALON AQUAFLOW HOT WATER SYSTEMS, Regis who have over 400 SALONS in the UK have chosen the AQUAFLOW POWERMASTER to provide the SALON HOT WATER thoughout the flagship SALON *,
The Trafford Centre is a busy hub for the North West of England and is one of the busiest shopping centres in Europe, Regis are moving a few doors up to their new larger SALON to cope with the extra ongoing business the Trafford Centre has generated.
Andy Stratton from Oldland Shopfitters say’s “Every SALON should be operating the SALON AQUAFLOW HOT WATER SYSTEM to save a lot of headaches with temp and pressure fluctuation problems, we recommend them all the time, just fit and leave!”
Watch out for the new Trafford Centre Regis opening mid September!!

*Sold & Supplied by Salon Supplies of Crewe, — one of our UK Distributors

Could kid-focused salons and barbers soon be commonplace?

In recent times, top of the line salons and barbers have enjoyed a resurgence. But there is a company in the US that wants to change the focus from adults, to children, and make kid friendly hairdressers.

The company is called Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids, and is hoping to expand rapidly within the Baltimore Area of the US.

The first salon to open will have 6 hairdressing stations, which they call “fantasy chairs”, with themes like Frozen and Spider-Man, and the décor of the salon will be very kid-friendly, with toys and posters.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of boilers and water solutions for salons, we wonder if hairdressers like this might soon appear in the UK.

Most salons only target adults, but kid friendly hairdressers could tap into an entirely new marketplace.

New app allows customers to book hairdressing appointments online.

A new app has been developed that allows people to instantly book hair appointments online. Called Rock Pamper Scissors, it works in a similar way to Just Eat, allowing users to select salons, and book appointments there.

The creators of this new app claim that it is a way to modernise an outdated system of booking for hair appointments, and hope to convert the 99% of people that don’t book haircuts online.

Thanks to recent investment from a number of venture capital groups, Rock Pamper Scissors hopes to expand its customer base, and tweak the app itself in order to get more business for the salons.

They say that this new app taps into current customer trends and demands, and they are trying to focus their customer base to millennials who require instant services.

As one of the UK’s leading Salon Boiler suppliers, we are not so sure about this. We suspect that this app, while acting as a middle man between the customer and the salon, prevents you from building up a relationship with the customer, which can hurt repeat business.

What do you think? Let us know on our facebook page