“Guys, had to share this about a product that has made my salon life sooo much easier.  We struggled with hot water in the salon, it would fluctuate and drop in pressure. I was told about Salon AquaFlow – it is amazing!! I can now run all 3 backwashes and a dispensary sink, with no fluctuations or drops on pressure.
Well worth it for your salons.”

— Ashley Withers

“Best thing I ever did was get the aqua flow hot water system fitted Fantastic piece of kit.”

— Hayley Manson

“Had mine fitted last year. Best investment I ever Mage. Not a single problem with it. And not expensive to run either.”

— Kirsty Brown

“So worth the money! Best thing ever!”

— Joseph Wear

“We always stipulate the Salon Aquaflow systems with all our new Salons, No other system cater’s for all our needs with unriveled costs and efficiency”

— Regis Salon UK