Easy Installation

  • Space efficient unvented system
  • Floor or wall mountable
  • Fits directly into incoming mains
  • Virtually a pre plumbed unit – all components are factory fitted
  • Powered by electric – very energy efficient
  • No visible front line pipe work
  • Totally enclosed expansion tank – no unsightly external vessels to fit
  • Plumb, play and use
  • Fits anywhere floor, wall or cupboard.
  • Full installation guide included.
  • All that you require is a mains feed and electricity supply
  • Full commercial system – specifically designed for the hair and beauty salon trade
  • All pipes connect to the Aquaflow from the rear, and the expansion vessel is now internal leaving no unsightly plumbing. Except 300 and Slimline


*IMPORTANT* Installation must be by a G3 qualified fitter of unvented systems.

Installation – If you encounter any problems with your Aquaflow system, the 1st port of call should be your installation plumber, once installed there is very little to go wrong with our systems and we estimate 95% of calls are to do with improper installations.ve to make provisions to dispose of it.

We recommend that you buy a spare immersion to keep in stock, otherwise we can send out any spare parts on a overnight delivery if notified before 12.30pm daily. (Sat Am special delivery + £18)

Please Note –
Spares must be paid for and replacements sent back to Aquaflow UK for full refund if found faulty by the factory. A copy of your installation log book must be provided for any replacement parts under guarantee.

Please consult with your Plumber or Local Water Board if you have hard water and possibility of Limescale build up, as this can affect the immersions over a period of time and the fitting of a approved descaler can help overcome this.

Also if you have low water pressure problems relating to the incoming supply, as low pressure does affect small areas within the UK

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