Model guide

Salon Aquaflow Sizing

ModelBasinsClient numbers/colour /treatment work (on busiest day!)
120120-no colour work
1502-3Up to 45/up to 30% colour/treatments
150 Slimline2Up to 45/up to 30% colour/treatments
1803-4Up to 60/up to 50% colour/treatments
2104-5Up to 80/up to 55% colour/treatments
2505-6Up to 100/up to 60% colour/treatments
3006-8More than 80 with more than 60% colour/treatments

This table is only a guide, it is important to size the correct model for your requirements, please contact us if you are in any doubt, we cannot be held responsible for incorrect selection, if in doubt choosing the next model up would be wise.

2 systems can be linked together for greater requirements – e.e. 300 + 250 please call for details

The Aquaflow Powermaster can easily supply to:

  • Showers
  • Dispensary area basins
  • Staff room area
  • Kitchens

Please bear in mind that you may have to increase your model size accordingly.

Feel free to call on 01270 522 420 and we will be happy to help you if you have any queries.