How to go about choosing the hot water boiler for your salon

Running a salon can be a very rewarding experience, but  it can be difficult at times.

When you have a lot on your plate, you want as few uncertainties as possible, and when you have to decide what boiler specification to get, that certainly qualifies as an uncertainty.

To that end, we have come up with a list of things to consider, to help you decide.

  1.  Salon Size – How many basins do you have?
    And what is your total water usage? If you have 6 basins, you may think that a boiler that just about serves 6 is good enough. But if you use more water, then you may need a boiler that serves more.
  2.  What temperatures do you like work with?
    This is important, as different boilers work best at different temperatures. You need to be confident that the boiler you fit will supply a constant flow of water at a consistent temperature. Fluctuations in temperature can cause serious issues with customers and staff.
  3. How many people do you have working for you on the backwash?
    The more employees you have, the more basins you may need, thus, the boiler must be bigger. Also consider the training and nature of your staff. No two washes are identical. Different people use different amounts of water.
  4. How much colour work do you do?
    The mix of work you undertake can have an effect on your boiler needs. A salon that has a very active colour section may have different requirements than one where there is a more rapid turnover of customers. Quick cuts will generally use less water than the more intensive needs for colouring.
  5. How many washes happen per day and week, on average?
    it is not just about how many basins you have, the utilization has to be considered. The more washes you do have, the bigger the boiler you may need. The fewer, the smaller the boiler you may  need.
  6. At peak time, how many customers do you have?
    In the same way as with the washes, if you have higher concentrations of customers at certain times, then you need a boiler system that can handle it. If not, and they are more spread out, then maybe you need a smaller boiler.

It is relatively easy to buy a salon hot water boiler online, what is harder to do is buy the right salon hot water boiler.  We spend time with our customers choosing the right boiler for their needs.