Could kid-focused salons and barbers soon be commonplace?

In recent times, top of the line salons and barbers have enjoyed a resurgence. But there is a company in the US that wants to change the focus from adults, to children, and make kid friendly hairdressers.

The company is called Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids, and is hoping to expand rapidly within the Baltimore Area of the US.

The first salon to open will have 6 hairdressing stations, which they call “fantasy chairs”, with themes like Frozen and Spider-Man, and the décor of the salon will be very kid-friendly, with toys and posters.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of boilers and water solutions for salons, we wonder if hairdressers like this might soon appear in the UK.

Most salons only target adults, but kid friendly hairdressers could tap into an entirely new marketplace.