New app allows customers to book hairdressing appointments online.

A new app has been developed that allows people to instantly book hair appointments online. Called Rock Pamper Scissors, it works in a similar way to Just Eat, allowing users to select salons, and book appointments there.

The creators of this new app claim that it is a way to modernise an outdated system of booking for hair appointments, and hope to convert the 99% of people that don’t book haircuts online.

Thanks to recent investment from a number of venture capital groups, Rock Pamper Scissors hopes to expand its customer base, and tweak the app itself in order to get more business for the salons.

They say that this new app taps into current customer trends and demands, and they are trying to focus their customer base to millennials who require instant services.

As one of the UK’s leading Salon Boiler suppliers, we are not so sure about this. We suspect that this app, while acting as a middle man between the customer and the salon, prevents you from building up a relationship with the customer, which can hurt repeat business.

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