SAK’s Go for Aquaflow Powermaster

Well known Salon group SAK’s have chosen the SALON AQUAFLOW POWERMASTER for their salons, they required a state of the art system which would cope with the heavy demands of their busiest top SALONS in the UK.

After 12 months trial in one of the Directors Salons they are specking all the new franchises with the 2016 AQUAFLOW POWERMASTER range of electric AQUAFLOW SALON HOT WATER SYSTEMS, which will provide a supply of UNLIMITED HOT WATER, now they understand the saying “SALON HOT WATER MADE SIMPLE.

Small changes and improvements every year he kept this system well ahead of any competitors, as the AQUAFLOW is manufactured in Norway and who better to build HOT WATER SYSTEMS than the Scandinavians, giving more than an edge with many design awards throughout Europe and beyond.

2016 models have been updated withstate of the art 4th generation ECO FOAM which guarantee’s max insulation with minimal heat loss, and also new are the Vo fireproof electrical boxes & components.

SAK’s really were thinking ahead when they chose the SALON AQUAFLOW HOT WATER SYSTEMS FOR THEIR EMPIRE !!!

Sold & Supplied by Salon Aquaflow UK 07860 713971