Hot water systems for dog and pet grooming

Whether you are opening a new grooming business or simply having problems with your existing water system… look no further, the answer is the Aquaflow Powermaster.

2016 Aquaflow range of unique hot water systems.

Salon Aquaflow hot water system is designed for  Hairdressers, Barbers, Beauticians and so, is ideal for anyone who requires on demand, energy efficient hot water.

Constant yearly development has led to what we believe is the most energy efficient and easy to install system on the market today.

  • Amazing hot water supply
  • Equal pressure to all basins with no annoying temperature fluctuations
  • Fantastic heat up and recovery times
  • Ultra low heat loss (very efficient)
  • Unparalled performance and build quality
  • Space efficient – almost fits anywhere

Our Aquaflow Powermaster 120, for example  is ideal for pet grooming businesses with one or two basins.


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